Deposit Method Bonuses

It seems that the casinos have a bonus lined up for every kind of occasion. Welcome bonuses to those that are new, reload bonuses to those that have been away for a while, VIP bonuses to those that stay for a long time and so on. They are trying to think up clever ways to entice customers to come, and also on how to being able to keep them. Now they are also trying to sway their players to a specific deposit method as well. By incorporating deposit method bonuses they are giving those that use a specific kind of banking option when depositing money a little extra for using exactly that one. This is often given to those that have low fees attached to them and leave the casino with less expenses. This is then kicked back to the customer. Win-win I would claim.

Best Deposit Method Bonuses

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The great thing about deposit method bonuses is that they are often an added feature, not a stand alone one that most other offers are. By using PayPal at the 888 Casino for example you will be eligible for an extra €30 on top of your already great welcome offer at the decent casino. The same happens at the Royal Vegas Casino where you can get an extra 10% (up to a max of 100 credits) bonus on your first deposit using one of their preferred banking options.

Note that these are not any kind of amazing bonuses that will really get you going when you are gambling online but are mere additions you can pick up to get that little extra edge when trying to make a little bank. Most of these are for meager sums or have quite a low match deposit, so be sure to check for other kind of offers before you deposit simply for a deposit method bonus. Another thing you need to wary of is that sometimes there is a need to input a code for both the bonuses. If such a discrepancy exists I recommend you talk to the customer support to ask what should be done in this case for you to take advantage of both of the offers. Most of the sites allow you to get both at the same time.

Note that most of these deposit method bonuses are given with the ewallet and prepaid vouchers options. Using bank transfers and credit cards don’t often have any kind of added benefit to them so I would recommend, as I always do, to get your hands on an ewallet like Skrill or Neteller. These will severely help you when moving funds as they are swift, easy and free to use. When they sometimes give you an added bonus for deposits I guess there is no reason to stop using them? 🙂