Free Cash

A neat way casinos are able to attract new players is to offer some free cash to their potential customers. How is that possible might you say, and isn’t that a great deal for the customer?! It kinda is. You get to try out their casino for free, without having to commit anything other than some time creating your free account and the casino might possibly get a new customer out of it.

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About receiving free cash at online casinos

Some might ask themselves what the downsides to receiving this free cash is and for most it isn’t that big. But getting free cash isn’t as amazing as it might sound. First of all, the amount you receive are in the range of $5 to $25 so you can’t exactly go on a gambling spree with it.

The second part is that most of the sites either have a huge wager requirement on the money and/or the winnings. Some doesn’t even allow you to withdraw the money ever and need to forfeit it before you make a deposit.

And what is even worse is that some might not allow you to take advantage of a possible welcome bonus if you choose this one instead. So be sure to check the T&C’s, talk to live chat and make sure that you understand what you are getting yourself into.

Why receive free cash if it is essentially worthless?

Many have asked me what the use is with these bonuses if they are so small, hard to get any cash out of and some even don’t allow you to get a full bonus. To tell you the truth there isn’t all that many. The casinos claim that you can use this money to test the casino games they offer and see if they are to your liking, but then you might as well use play money as most of them offer that as well.

The only difference I would say is that playing with real money is a little more exciting knowing that you have a chance, albeit a very tiny one, of winning some money in the process. I guess this is more to the advantage of the casino as after you lose the initial free cash you are more likely to chase a close win with your own real money.