Free Play Bonuses

We have a couple of different ways of testing a new casino, and some offer you free cash in order to do that, while others have play money you can utilize to test your prefered casino games. Now there is a type of bonus that you will find somewhere between these two options, and that is the free play bonus. This works in that you receive funds to play with for free, but you are not able to withdraw the funds.

This is another neat way to give a new casino a spin as it leaves you with the chance of actually winning some money instead of just throwing away play money that is worthless. Because of this you will actually try the games, get some excitement from them and actually try to play optimally.

If you are looking for places that offer free play bonuses, check out our list of the top ones right here:

Best Free Play Casino Bonuses

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Disadvantages to free play bonuses

As with any kind of free money option offered at online casinos, you are not getting anything for free. The casinos usually have some future plans for you when free stuff is offered. And most likely the idea is that by giving you this opportunity to get free money means that you can’t take advantage of any other welcome bonuses.

But be sure to contact the customer support about this. The rules might differ some. If you simply want to use this to test the casino you can just choose to not claim any potential winnings from the free money and still receive a welcome bonus. At Crazy Vegas Casino for example you can still get the welcome bonus if you either don’t win anything with the free play bonus or if you refrain from cashing it out.

Another reason might be that they believe you are likely to deposit more money at a later date to try to get that jackpot you were so close to getting or trying for another big run at the blackjack table. It has shown to pay off before and are likely to continue to do so.

Strategy for free play bonuses

As you can see from the table above you will find that the size of these free play bonuses are a lot bigger than most other free bonuses you receive. The reason that they can give such large promotions is because you cannot ever withdraw this money from your casino account. After a set amount of time it will be deducted from your player’s account and you will have to deposit real money in order to continue play.

Now that does not mean that they are worthless and should simply be looked upon as play money. The reason that it is called a bonus and not just play money is because you may keep the money you potentially win from playing with this free money.

What this means is that you should play very aggressively with the free play money. Since simply meeting a wager requirement is not the goal here there is no reason to play it safe. This money is gone after a set amount of time anyways, win or lose.

There are different strategies people like to employ here. You can set a target goal, let us say you have a $1,000 free play bonus and will play aggressively and be betting big untill you hit $1,500 or maybe $2,000 and then back off. Othes might just bet as big as they can trying to rack up the biggest win they can muster. There is nothing right or wrong with either, just personal preference.

Note though that most of the casinos will count the money won using this bonus as a regular bonus. That means that you will have to wager this money a certain number of times before you are free to withdraw them.

Be sure to check the limit on the amount you are able to win. Some casinos allow a mere $100 or something like that to be claimed, even if you win $10,000! So check this before you strike a lucky hit and can’t make use of it.