High Roller Bonuses

Most of the players online are simply looking for a casino that will pad their bank they have set aside for some fun time in the casino. They have $50 or $100 to play for and want to max they amount of fun they can have one night in the casino. They are likely to find what they are looking for at almost any casino online.

But if you are one of those that like to put a lot of money at risk when you gamble online most casinos will not cater to your specific needs. The common thing is to receive a bonus of about $100 to maybe $500. You will be hard pressed to find a casino that can match the amount you plan on deposit. If you are such an individual, a high roller, you might need to search a bit more thorough for a casino that can offer big deposit bonuses and high betting limits.

We have found the casinos that we prefer to use when we have racked up a significant stake and are ready to really gamble!

Best High Roller Bonuses

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When you look for the best high roller casino bonuses you need to make sure that you get all the things you are looking for. It does you no good if you get a huge 100% match on your $10,000 deposit if you only can bet a maximum of $25 on your favorite slot machine. There are places that operate this way so be sure to check the site or talk to the customer support before committing this amount of money.

Disadvantages of high roller bonuses

The obvious one is that you stand to lose a lot of money by depositing so much money and gamble with it. This is the most obvious one and you need to be aware that this money cannot be any money that you need. If you are looking to gamble with 4 figure+ sums I guess you can afford it, but I want to assure you of this.

A good thing with high roller bonuses is that you often get quite a big match percentage on some of the bonuses. Grand Parker offers a high roller bonus of 300% up to $3000 and Loco Panda offers 400% match up to $4000. This gives you a huge amount to play with when you start out. But the downside is that these bonuses often come with enormous wager requirements. Do not expect to be able to withdraw your money anytime soon, unless you wager big and get lucky in the process and don’t bust out.

Tips for online casino high rollers

If you are regularly depositing and gambling for a lot of money you need to be aware of one thing: the casinos love you! Once they see that you like to gamble with a lot of money, they see that they might make a lot of money of off you and they would like you to keep playing. Therefore they will tempt you with great reload bonuses, free stuff for playing more and other things.

Different sites operate differently in these instances, but understand that you should be getting yours when you give them a lot of action. I for example received a iPad for free after I had been betting for a year at Betsson. A nice gesture that made the losses feel less severe.

Be sure to take some time between the deposits and make them anxious to get you back. You might get an email from someone asking if you need anything to start playing again.