Match Deposit Bonuses

Most online casinos are looking to attract new customers in one way or the other and the main one the use is to entice players with free money if they deposit and play at their casino. Match deposit bonuses are the most common ones you will see online and most any casino feature them in one form or another. They can either be welcome bonuses, reload bonuses or loyalty rewards to recurring customers that continue to play at the casino.

Best Match Deposit Bonuses

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What are considered the best bonuses?

This highly depends on the players bankroll, but it is most often considered to be better the higher the match is. A 200% match on a $1,000 deposit is better than a 100% match on a $1,000 deposit. You receive twice the free bonus money!

But you are seldom comparing bonuses like this and you need to think about what gives you the most value.

For example, if you have a small bankroll right now you should look for the ones that gives you the highest match percentage wise. So a 400% match of a $100 deposit is a lot better for you if you only have like $200 to play with than say a 100% match up to $5,000. This is simply because you cannot take advantage of the full bonus and should wait taking that offer untill you have more money.

Downsides to match deposit bonuses?

As always there is a catch when you receive free money from anyone. Off course the casino hopes that you will continue to play in order to make the money they gave you back, but they are also forcing you to play for that money you just got.

With these match bonuses you will find that you are required to wager a set amount of money before you can cash out your bonus. And now a days this amount is quite a lot! But if you are depositing money at a casino, I guess that you are looking to play anyways, so it might not be the worst. Just be sure to check that you can clear the bonus using your preferred casino game. Some of these bonuses are limited to a specific casino game for clearence.