Refer A Friend Bonuses

Most casinos would like to increase their customer base by a lot, so why not make the players they already have work for them? This is what they are trying to do, but not in a bad way. Off course they will pay you if you tell your friends about what a great casino you are playing at.

The online casinos will reward you and your friend for signing him up as a new player by giving you free cash. These are often not wager requirements attached to it, but the in later years this has become more common as people have started to abuse these promotions. Find some of the better ones in our table below:

Best Refer A Friend Bonuses

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If you know that your friend or family member is gonna create an account, why not give him or her and extra bonus on top, and pad your own bankroll in the process?

Disadvantages of refer a friend bonuses

Actually, these bonuses are seldom bad. Both you and your friend get some extra cash simply for placing your name in one of the signup boxes.

The only downside I can think of is that if your friend is a high roller you might prefer to sign him up under your affiliate account. That way you would probably receive a great deal more value out of him rather than simply getting a one time bonus. That is like working on CPA (Cost Per Acquisition).

But if you are not already an affiliate for the casino in question I guess it is no use bothering with it. Just nabbing a sweet bonus is often good enough. Just remember that you cannot have the same address, so no family members under the same roof or room mates. Only one bonus is allowed per household!

Another thing to consider is the fact that you might lose out on other potential welcome bonuses. Some sites offer exclusive bonuses if you signup under them, but if your friends use your name as the referral this might not be available to them.

Make sure to check the T&C of the RAF bonuses (this goes for any bonus really) thoroughly before you commit to it.

Promote your referral link

Want to increase the chance of getting the word out? When you setup such a referral link, you can share it with many other players, not just your friends. Some can get very creative with it.

Share the link on your facebook page, create flyers and hand out to people, offer services in exchange for them signing up under your link. Just use your imagination if you want to increase the range of people you reach with this. But again, if you want to work this hard for some extra cash, maybe the affiliate business is more your kind of thing?