Reload Bonuses

For those that keep coming back to their casino of choice, or just as an incentive to come back to a casino you have played at before, you are often offered reload bonuses at different intervals. A reload bonus is simply a bonus you are offered for “reloading” your casino account. I guess it is more of an incentive than a reward, but hey, what do we care as long as we get extra cash? These come at different sizes and wager requirements.

Now most of these are determined on an individual account basis. That means that it does not work like welcome bonuses in that the offer is open to everyone. Usually how it works is that players that have been playing a lot at a casino will often be given a reward for giving them action. This by either getting free money, reloads or other stuff to reward them.

Some casinos offer regular monthly reload bonuses though, but these are often small bonuses that have either low match percentage or high wager requirements. Since there is hard to predict reload bonuses coming from different sites, we will rather list some of the top monthly reload bonuses that are offered at the top casinos.

Best Reload Bonuses

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Obviously these monthly bonuses are great as they can be used time and time again. Every month there is a new one to claim for you and not a one and done deal which is often the case with welcome bonuses. Be sure though that if you are simply there for the money and don’t do any playing besides claiming the bonus and finishing the wager requirements you might be banned from getting more of them. So either mix it up when you take them, leave out a couple of months or do a little extra play to keep the house happy.

If you are looking for reload bonuses you might not be able to find them out in the open. The most common way that you can get and receive these are by doing actual play and then an account manager might contact you if you have played a lot annd offer you some kind of promotion for all your action. This is how it is most commonly done. The size of the bonus depends on how much you have played and what types of games you play.

Note that it is worth a shot to ask them if you could get a bonus if you have bust out recently. Just let them know that you are looking to deposit at a casino online, but were looking for some way to pad your bankroll. You should probably have a history of some big wagering for this to have much chance of happening though, but it is always worth a shot!

The last idea is to simply wait. Make use of all of the different welcome offers, signup to the casinos newsletter and never deposit again. Sooner or later they will try to share an offer with the customers that haven’t deposited in a while, or maybe they just open up a new promotion for everyone. The more casinos you have an account at, the higher the chances are to get a good reload offer.