Welcome Bonuses

If you are shopping for online casinos to get in your gambling fix at, be sure to take advantage of their welcome bonus. All the casinos, and I really do mean all of them have some kind of incetive up for grabs to those that are considering opening an account and depositing money at their online gaming portal.

What varies though is how good they are. Some are better than others, but depending on what you are looking for this power ranking might be turned on its head. You will find no deposit bonuses, big high roller bonuses, free play bonuses and other different types. You just need to find out what you are looking for in your signup bonus.

We have listed what we deem as the top offers presented by the online casinos today:

Best Welcome Bonuses

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Tips to claiming your casino welcome bonus

There is not often much you need to do claim your bonus besides writing in your bonus code, but check out if they have other offers on display before you go ahead and claim the first bonus you see.

Slots.lv is an example of a casino that has different offers depending on the different games you want to play. If you prefer the table games like blackjack or craps you might want to settle for the smaller bonus, but if you are a slots enthusiast they have a bigger welcome offer ready for you.

Another thing to consider before you go ahead and deposit your money at a casino is that you should take advantage of these welcome offers to their full extent. They are just that, “welcome offers”. They will not likely be available to you after you have used them once, so if you only have $100 to play at a casino you should find a casino that offers smaller welcome bonuses and wait with the bigger ones untill you have a larger bankroll.

This is off course simply my personal opinion. If you really want to try a specific casino then by all means go ahead and give them a whirl, but it is something to consider if you are looking to test 2-3 different ones.

Disadvantages of welcome bonuses

By accepting a welcome bonus, or any casino bonus for that matter, you also agree to play through the required amount before you can cashout the money or use it to gamble on other games that are specified.

Now this might not be a problem for most, but let us say you score a huge win right of the bat of starting to wager and you would just like to cash it in and spend immediately. This will most likely trigger you to forfeit the bonuse and your winnings. Many sites does not allow you to simply forfeit the bonus, but more and more do though. Just be ready to check what the correct course of action is before losing out.