Casino Compatibility

There are more ways than one to skin a cat. Or, as it translates to online casinos – there is more than one way to play blackjack online. Or slots. Or keno. Whatever it is you like to play, you can do so from your Windows, Mac or mobile operating system.

The challenge you’ll face is that not every casino has compatible software. So you want to do your research prior to joining, otherwise you’ll end up at a casino you can’t play at.

I want to help you avoid that entirely. This page covers all the major operating systems. Read on to learn more, and to find out what casinos are compatible with the devices you own.

Online Casinos & Compatible Operating Systems

The following are operating systems that (most) online casinos have compatible games for (minus Windows, since every casino offers a Windows-based download).

For the Web

Mac – Hardly any casinos have downloads for Macs. What players used to have to do is resort to emulators like Boot Camp or Parallels. But not anymore. Nowadays casinos have added Flash or no download casinos. Now you can play real money games from your browser. Even Windows and Linux users can use it.

No Download – These games run from your browser using Java or Flash. They’re also referred to as browser, no download or instant play casinos. All you need is internet access to play.

On Your Mobile Device

iPhone / iPad – Nowadays mobile gaming is huge. Thankfully the iOS is popular enough for casinos to justify creating apps. Both US and international players will be able to play blackjack, slots, roulette, etc for real money from their phones and tablets.

Blackberry – Few real money options exist for Blackberry users. On the bright side, you can play social casino games for prizes, or choose from hundreds of free apps in the app store.

Android – According to statistics, Android users spend 1/5 of their time gaming on their devices. So, like iOS, casinos have create apps so that you can play real money games on the go, from wherever you may be.

Windows – Windows users are in the same boat as Blackberry. Neither device is popular enough for casinos to justify creating an app. So Windows users will have to make due with the few options they have, or get their casino gaming fix through other methods – like social gaming or (play money) apps.

7 Facts About Online Casino Compatibility

Here are 7 facts about online casinos and compatibility.

1. Most casinos will have an instant play version instead of a download.

This is better, though. Windows users that download the software are kind of stuck playing from one computer. Using the instant play software, you can play from any computer you want. You also don’t have to worry about the casino’s files sucking up your computer’s resources.

2. Not every casino advertises their mobile games.

Mobile is the next big thing. You’d think that casinos would shout about their apps from every rooftop.

But they don’t.

The only way to know about (some) mobile apps is to read our reviews or contact the support of the casino you’re thinking about joining. You can also download the app (for free) to see what games are available.

3. You can play live dealer games from your mobile device.

As of April, 2014, this is only available to players outside the USA. But if you sign up to 888 or Bet365 Casino, you can play live dealer games from your phone or tablet. Keep in mind, some casinos will have separate apps for their live dealer games.

4. Deposit bonuses are available to all players.

It doesn’t matter what platform you use, you can have a deposit bonus.

Even mobile users. In fact, some casinos offer an exclusive $25, $100 or more in bonuses to players trying out their mobile platform for the first time.

5. You can play for free (all platforms).

If the game is available on the platform, you can play it for free.

The exception are side bets and progressive jackpots. You can’t play those since real money is needed for the pots to grow.

6. All platforms are free.

Download, no download, mobile app, Windows download – whatever you use – it won’t cost you anything to download it. The casino will make all of their money from you playing. They don’t need to nickel and dime their players on the software downloads, too.

7. Remember: Each platform will have different games.

All of the casino’s games will be available in the download.

However, sometimes fewer games are available in the instant play version. The casino usually omits the lesser popular games, like blackjack or video poker variations.

There are even fewer options for mobile users. Most casinos, with the exception of Carbon, Bet365 and 888 Casino, only have 5-15 games. We expect this to change as mobile gaming continues to grow.