Casino Deposit Options: How to Fund Your Online Account

If you’ve never placed a bet online, or have shopped at sites like Amazon, then you might find the casino banking process overwhelming. How do I make a deposit? What methods can I use? What’s the fastest banking method? What will it cost me? These are the questions circling your brain right now.

And take it from someone with experience; even once you find answers, they won’t apply to every casino. Each casino is different in the banking options they accept, the fees they charge, and how they let you cash out your winnings.

So we created this page. Below you’ll find the most popular banking methods for gambling online, along with answers to questions about fees, time frames, and more. We have even made a separate guide for those that reside in the United States. The rules and legislations is very different from the rest of the world and the US deposit options are very limited.

What Deposit Methods Can I Use?

Here are the most popular deposit options. There are others, but they’re more or less country or region specific. The ones below are available to players worldwide.

Visa – The most popular and widely accepted deposit method. There are usually no fees for depositing, international players can use Visa for withdrawals, it has high limits and the money clears quickly.

MasterCard – This has all the same benefits as Visa. Use it to fund your account quickly. You’ll also have several prepaid MasterCard options, too.

Prepaid / Gift Cards – Many casinos that accept Visa, MasterCard or American Express debit and credit cards will also accept prepaid and gift cards. These are a good way to leave your bank in the dark as to where you spend your money, as well as a way to budget your casino funds each month.

American Express – This is another good option if Visa or MasterCard is not available. That said, American Express is accepted at fewer casinos, so your options may be limited as to where you can play if this is the only card you have.

Western Union – This is a money transfer solution. This can be more time consuming than other options, but deposit requests aren’t turned down like credit/debit card requests are. Your bank also won’t know how you spend your money, even if you use your bank card to make the transfers (they’ll know you used it at Western Union, just not what for).

MoneyGram – A similar option to Western Union.

Neteller – An e-wallet for players outside the US. Fund your Neteller account with a variety of options, then use that money to shop online or fund your casino account.

Skrill – Formerly known as Moneybookers. This option is for international players only, with the exception of players depositing to legal casinos in New Jersey. This is another e-wallet solution that can handle both deposits and withdrawals for a nominal fee.

Bank Wires – Send money straight to your casino account from your checking account. These work both ways, with a $30+ fee for withdrawals, and can take 5-10 days (or more) to complete. I recommend using a credit card for deposits instead.

Echecks – Like a paper check, only virtual. Give the casino your account, routing and check number, and they’ll take care of the rest.

PayPal – The largest e-wallet in the world. This option is available to players outside the US only, and is accepted only at select casinos. The benefit to this option is that they only work with trusted casinos (which means your money should be in good hands). You can make deposits and withdrawals for a small fee, as well as use it to spend your winnings only.

UKash – An e-voucher system. You will be given a 19-digit pin code that you use whenever you want to spend money. These are popular in the UK, South Africa, Europe and Australia. This is not for US players.

Commonly Asked Banking Questions

Here are some regularly asked questions we receive about banking online.

I checked out (a random) casino. They have a bonus if I use (a random) deposit method. How do these work?

These are match bonuses that reward you for using a specific method, such as Skrill or Neteller. The bonus might be for an additional 10 or 15 percent, and is on top of their deposit bonus.

My guess is that casinos offer these because they’re faster and safer. There is less risk of chargebacks, a common problem for online casinos / stores.

Which banking methods are best? Which ones are the fastest?

The fastest method will be any form of plastic – Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and so on. When I played online poker my Visa deposits would be in my account within minutes, sometimes instantly. Credit cards are also fee-free.

The only downside to is that they cannot be used for withdrawals, except for rare cases.

The slowest options are wires. Those can take days to clear, and have the highest fees. I suggest avoiding these if you can help it.

Next to credit cards I recommend money transfers. These take more effort in the beginning, because you have to get information and then head to your local office to start the transfer. But, they hit your account quickly, and often times the casino will cover the fees if you make a large enough deposit.

What types of fees can I expect to pay?

You can expect to pay $5-$30 for money transfers, $30-$50 for wires and between 3-5 percent for e-wallets ($3-$5 per $100).