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blackjack guideBlackjack is the worlds most popular casino table game and is also probably the most well-known one, just like roulette and craps which are often featured in movies. This is a very simple card game where the player(s) compete against a dealer or banker that deals the cards and plays according to a predetermined set of rules. The simplicity is what makes this so fun and exhilarating. You don’t need to focus on anything but your own hand and the dealers up card and make your decisions based on that. There have spawned several other card games that are similar in style, and while most of these are fun in their own right they don’t quite reach the caliber of 21.

The game hasn’t been around for all that long as I would consider the 17th century quite recent in that terms. Games like chess has been around for ages. But there is still discussions and debate about when it actually saw the light of day. It was not untill later that it reached the US and started to rise in popularity. The rest is also history.

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A Note About Blackjack Bonuses

blackjack bonusWhen you receive a bonus at an online casino most of these can be cleared by playing blackjack. However, most of the casinos has understood that this is the most popular form of the table games, and combine this with the fact that it has a very low house edge makes it a primary game played by most advantage gamblers that partakes in bonus whoring.

To counteract this most casinos have decided to increase the wagering requirements on these bonuses if you choose to play the game of blackjack. If the bonus you receive has a 50x wager requirement attached it, you might find that this is different for some of the table games like blackjack or roulette which might have a requirement of 80x, 100x or sometimes as massive as 200x.

The bonus is often worth it even still as the house edge of blackjack is quite low, often below 0.5% per hand played and some games it can be even lower. Just make sure you read the terms and conditions carefully and make sure you know how much you are required to bet before you go ahead and wager a large amount of money.

Basic Guide to Playing Blackjack Online

playing blackjackThe game of blackjack is quite easy, but the strategy involved can sometimes get convoluted. But the actual game play is easy.

You start out by receiving two cards face up, while the dealer gets two cards where one is face down and the other is visible for all the players. Now you decide what your next action is. You have the optons of doing the following:


By hitting you are essentially drawing another card. The goal is to get as close to 21 without going over so take this into consideration when you are contemplating hitting on 17. Not many cards help you, but most bust you out.


Standing is your way of saying you are done. You are content with the hand and would like to keep it like it is and not draw any more cards. Usually done when you have 17 or higher or the dealer is showing a small card.

Double Down:

This can be done when you want to double your bet and potentially double your win. When you double down you place another bet, receive only one more card and then you automatically stand. This often best to do when you have a hand that gets helped a lot by getting a big card.

There are some different rules from casino to casino on how you can double down. Best to read up before you go ahead and wager real money on blackjack in your casino.


If you where to receive two cards of the same rank you can choose to split them. What you essentially are doing is adding on another hand, so you need to put down another bet and play two hands against the dealer. After you have split and put up another bet you will receive one extra card on both hands and from there you play the hands like normal.


You can surrender your hand when you feel you have very little chance of winning. By surrendering you get back half your bet and forfeit the other half of your bet. This is seldom a wise choice as you are not losing as often as youd think, but for some bad starting hands like 16 against a 10 it might be a wise move.


When you have received your cards you can insure your hand against the dealer having a blackjack. You place an extra bet that is half the bet of your original wager and if the dealer has blackjack you win your insurance bet 2-to-1. Note that this is generally considered a sucker bet as it is not that likely that the dealer has blackjack.

You perform your actions untill you are done and then the next player does his thing and so on untill all the players have played their hand and then finally the dealer plays his hand according to predetermined rules. Often this entails them hitting untill they have 17 or higher and then they will stand, unless the dealer busts.

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Blackjack FAQ

But I prefer to play live blackjack, with a real dealer so I know no cheating is going on!
Well then you are in luck – somewhat. A somewhat new online craze is actually to play with live dealers that interacts with you through the screen. While it cannot capture the exact atmosphere of playing in a real casino it is a good substitute. Especially for those that are worried about cheating or other antics by the casinos.

I want to count cards, just like they did in the movie ’21’!
Sure, counting cards is really fun, but don’t think you are gonna claim riches learning that skill for yourself. Especially not online. The casinos reshuffle the decks after each hand that is played, so your count will be useless in online play.

I recommend you get yourself a proper strategy card and play using the optimal strategy. There is no use in trying to count cards online or do some plays that your gut tells you. This is pure math and statistics.

Why is it called blackjack?
This happened after the game saw its insurgence in the US and they added some different bonus payouts depending on what kind of hand you received. If you got the ace of spades and a black jack, either the club or the spade, you got paid ten times your bet and it was called a blackjack. Since this was the biggest payout they simply named the game after it.

This payout has since been removed, but the name stuck with it ever since.