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roulette guideYou have surely witnessed this game, if not tried your hand at it yourself. It is always the posterchild for casino fun when projected in commercials or movies when the protagonists are going to Vegas for a good time. That and craps. Both of these games are fun ventures and is often more fun when you play in conjuction with a group or with friends, but there is also fun to be had trying your hand at it in the comfort of your own home. Now you will find roulette can be played not only online using your computer, but also on your mobile device. Just make sure you don’t play so much that you grow tired of the game! 😉

Roulette was invented in France in the early 18th century. The way it was invented happened when the Blaise Pascal were working on his perpetual motion machine a century earlier. Later it were found that one could use this machine and gamble on the outcomes of the spinning wheel. The game evolved plenty from its early days untill today in which the two main forms of roulette we know of: American, with single and double zero and European, with only a single zero. This means that the house edge is slightly higher on the American version, but for most practical reasons they are both about the same, but if you have the choice go for the European version.

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A Note on Roulette and Bonuses

Roulette is a fun game to play, but given that you are probably looking for some decent bonuses for Roulette I thought I would share some information that might help you out in finding the best one for you. You see as the industry has evolved a lot of the games with a low house edge has been given a penalty and does not count as much towards the wager requirement, and some is completely excluded.

Therefore I feel it is important for you to know that you might have to play some other games to clear the bonus before you can use it for actual play, or maybe some bonuses might be out of the question entirely for you. Always check the terms and conditions before you deposit for a bonus!

Basic Guide to Playing Roulette Online

The actually playing done by the players is only making your bets. The croupier is in charge of spinning the wheel that will eventually determine the number that is landed on and who gets a payout.

roulette table layoutWe will here explain the different types of bets that is available, the odds you receive and what the house edge is on each of these bets. Then you can decide for yourself which kinda bet gives you the best risk-to-reward ratio. Note that we give the odds and expected values for a european roulette table. If you play an american table the payouts are the same, but the expected values goes down a little for each bet:

Inside Bets

These are bets that are placed on the numbered section and here you are betting on a specific number to be landed on, or split a bet between several numbers.

Straight – A bet on a single number on the table. This pays out 35 times your bet amount.

Split – A bet on two adjacent numbers, either vertically or horizontally. This pays out 17 times your bet amount.

Street – A bet on three numbers on the same horizontal line. This pays out 11 times your bet amount.

Corner – A bet on four number that connect in the corners. This pays out 8 times your bet amount.

These are the most common ones and those that are most often used. You also have some combinations of the first numbers that comes up, but these varies with the casino that you play at and are for those that are specifically interested.

Outside Bets

These are bets placed on the markings on the outside of the inner table layout. Bets here are usually of the basket type where you lop a big part of the wheel together and your odds are close to 50/50.

Red or Black – Probably the most popular bet: simply bet on which color you believe the ball will land on. Pays out 1 time your bet amount.

Odd or Even – A bet on whether the number is odd or even. Pays out 1 time your bet amount.

1 to 18 – A bet that the number is between 1 and 18. Pays out 1 time your bet amount.

19 to 36 – A bet that the number is between 19 and 36. Pays out 1 time your bet amount.

1 to 12 – A bet that the number is between 1 and 13. Pays out 2 time your bet amount.

13 to 24 – A bet that the number is between 13 and 24. Pays out 2 time your bet amount.

25 to 36 – A bet that the number is between 25 and 36. Pays out 2 time your bet amount.

Note that the expected value on each of these wagers are exactly the same, namely 2.7%. It depends somewhat where you are playing as the rulings might change a little, for example some gives back half the amount you bet on red or black bets if it ends up on a zero.

Be sure to glance over the rules atleast to check that they give the same payouts as we advertise here. Some might even pull a fast one and make the game even worse!

Fun fact – Did you know that if you add together all the numbers on a roulette wheel, you get 666, the number of the beast!

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Roulette FAQ

Where does the name roulette come from?
Roulette is derived from french where it means ‘little wheel’ when directly translated to english. The reason for it taking on this name is that the game were invented in France and took its name from there when it moved on to other places in Europe and then later to America.

What are the best roulette strategies?
Unless you are cheating or the rules of the game you are playing are vastly different than those that are commonplace at casinos you are not going to be able to win betting on roulette in the long run. Not any kind of betting strategy or bankroll management is gonna ruin the fact that this game has a negative expected value on any bet you place. The most important thing to remember when gambling is to have fun!

Are the online casino games really random?
If you are playing at any of the casinos that we have made a review of on this website – and we have not mentioned any shady business – then yes, the games are being conducted in a random and fair way. You see the casinos have no reason to cheat as the game is already favored in their way.

The casinos also have a betting limit set in place according to their bankroll and thus lower their risk of bankruptcy. Combine this with the fact that there are often hundreds, maybe even thousands that are playing at the casino at the same time, some winning and some are losing. Combine these numbers and it will mostly go in the favor of the house.

Why are there two different roulette wheels?
The reason for there being two different sets of roulette wheels is simple. At first there were only the standard double-zero wheels that were used (today we call them American roulette). This had quite a high house edge attached to it and made some gamblers move to other games to get their fix.

In order to fix this problem a Louis and Francois Blanc introduced the single-zero wheel which reduced the house edge by quite a bit. This game became very popular in Monte Carlo (the gambling mecca in Europe at the time) and people coined it the French wheel, now usually called European roulette.