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slot-machinesThe most popular casino game by far. Period. When you enter a casino anywhere in the world the first thing that meets your eye is often a sea of slot machines. And for good reason; these machines are often very fun and addicting to play, for better or for worse. With the fun interactivity, great graphics, exhilarating sound effects and excitement of the possible huge payout you have found a great formula for a perfect gambling experience.

Slot machines have gone through a huge change over the years. It all started in the US when the first slot machines were created and put in bars to entertain patrons. Soon it became apparant how popular these machines were and it started to gain traction around the world. First these machines only paid out prizes and not money, but when they were transformed into real money slots their popularity sky rocketed.

After they had been used extensively in casinos as well, they found a way to create video slots where they replaced the spinning reels with video screens that shows a reel. From this it didn’t take long untill you had your first casino that would offer online slots.

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Why are the slot machines so popular?

fun-playing-slotsWhile it is true that slots are very fun to play and I do it a lot myself, both online and offline, the fact is that the casinos play a big part in conjuring up this popularity as well. They try to market the machines the best they can in their land based casinos as they take up a large part of the gaming floor and online casinos have a huge selection of different slots to play on, often over several hundred.

The reason for this offering by the casino? Money, off course. Slot machines offers some of the highest house edges of all the casino games available, so that means that the more they are being played on the more the casino makes. Combine this with the fact that they do not require any staff to operate, unlike blackjack or roulette for example, there is little cost associated with having them around.

But to make up for the fact that the slots machines have bad payouts for the players, you are often given quite lucrative bonuses and other promotions in return for giving them action on these casino games. Sometimes this makes it so that the difference between playing a low house edge game without cash incentives like blackjack and the slots with a high house edge, but you have been given a big and generous bonus, not that big. Remember that you should focus on playing the game you like as opposed to finding that which gives you the lowest house edge.

Types of Online Slots

The most popular types of online video slots seems to be the multipayline and interactive ones that are based on famous characters or movies. These are well known to the players and seems to give them much enjoyment as the casinos are churning these out. But there are more to the slots than simply these types. Maybe there are some you haven’t seen or considered yet? Here is a list of the online slots that is offered:

Classic Slots

These are the old, classic 3 reel slot machines that has only a single payline. They are very simple made and does not allow for any input from the player apart from clicking the spin button as you can only wager 1 coin at a time. Some of these allows you to change the amount that you want to wager though, but they are still very simple. The graphics are also quite simple in nature without much in the way of sound effects. But these are maybe something that brings back nostalgia amongst the older parts of the player base and maybe someone would like to play something simpler for a little while?

Video Slots

This is the new type of slot machines that have entered the market a few years back. Now these are the most popular form and probably 90%+ of the slots you find online will be of this type. Here you will find state-of-the-art video effects and amazing music and sound effects to add to the experience of gambling. There are simply to many games to start listing them here, but you are sure to find a type that you like here. Most of them are 5 reels with multiple paylines, ranging from 3 up to a massive 50 paylines. These machines also sometimes have bonus features, wilds, loyalty programs, skill stops and other features. Here you simply need to wade through the massive selection of games there are out there and find the ones you enjoy playing.

Progressive Slots

mega-moolah-progressive-slot-machineWhile these are simply a feature of the other types of slot machines we feel that it deserves its own mention. Ever hear about someone making a huge score and won several millions on a single spin at the slots? That was on a progressive slot machine. What this means is that every time you play on one of these, a small percentage of the amount you wager goes into a big jackpot that is paid out to the one that reaches it. This jackpot can become quite huge as many people have found these slots to be very exciting to play on and everyone hopes to strike it big (including me ;)). If you haven’t tried any of these before, I recommend you give it a go. My clear favorite in the slots department.

Other Slots

Although some of these are not found much online there are alternatives like the fruit machines which are mostly found in the UK. These includes bonus games and skill stops, each that separates them from the others. You also have loyalty slots that rewards players that keep playing in lighting up each reel that has seen a bonus icon and will payout once all the reels have been lit up.

Slot Playing Strategy

First we can start out to just flat out say it: playing on the slot machines has a negative expected value attached to it. So no matter what you do, you are destined to lose if you play for long enough. This means that there are no betting systems or machines that is hot or cold that you can abuse. Simply acknowledge the fact that these are to be played for fun.

777-slot-winnerBut there are measures you can take to reduce the amount you lose and heighten the chance of scoring big. First of, you have landed on this website which focuses on sharing the best bonuses out there. If you make sure you always play with a bonus or during a promotion you will at least get something back from your playing time.

Another thing is to check the progressive slots T&C. Some of them allow you to simply play for the minimum wager amount and still win the big jackpot. Some though will reduce the payout if you play with less than the max. Also with progressives, you want to check which ones have the biggest (relatively) jackpot pool at the moment. Given the huge possible payout you will reduce the house edge some. Although it is unlikely to hit the big one this is still something to think about.

To round off we would like to advice, as always, about bankroll management. Never gamble with money you cannot afford to lose and stop playing if you get angry or frustrated. Gambling can be cruel sometimes and it is better to save the money for another day than to just throw them away chasing losses. And remember to have fun!

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