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mobile-casinosThis is all the rage now – gambling for real money on your mobile device. More and more online usage is being conducted on handheld devices, and this includes gambling as well. Internet is being used by more mobile devices than those that are by on desktops and this hasn’t gone unnoticed by the online casinos. They have been busy adapting to this switch and thus being able to serve their customers from more angles than just at home on their desktop.

Since these types of casinos are still relatively new makes it hard for them to be able to offer the whole experience through a tiny screen and with smaller computing power. You will find that the games have lesser graphics, fewer options and the selection is significantly smaller. Still, the option to be able to gamble on the move is to hard to let up, even if you might have to sustain a lower quality during the experience.

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What are mobile casinos?

A mobile casino is kind of a catch all phrase where we talk about casinos that you can play on your mobile device. And by mobile device we mean tablet or phone. Laptops is in this instance called a desktop, although it is somewhat mobile. It is rather clunky to use for playing on the move though.

The reason that there is need to talk about mobile casinos in a different setting is because that most online casinos require you to download their software and install their casino on the computer in order to access and play. This cannot be done using a mobile device and because of this there has to be an alternative. To account for this you will find the two most common options:

Casino Apps

casino-appsThese are kinda new to the scene, but mobile casino apps are becoming more and more common as an alternative to playing on your desktop. You can get these on most of the latest mobile phones from Android, Apple and Windows.

They work just any other app you have tried on your phone, and if you are not living under a rock you know how they work. You simply find it in either the iTunes store, Google Play or even at the casino in questions own website.

Instant Play

This was the first type of casino you could play at using a mobile device and it is now also become a favorite for desktop users as well. The reason is simply that you do not need to download any kind of software, you simply play in the casino on your browser. This makes things easier, and gives the same experience as using the software as the internet speed and computer power have increased so much over the years.

Why play in a mobile casino?

gaming-on-your-mobile-deviceThe answer to this might seem obvious, but it kinda depends on what you prefer. The advantages are quite many, which plenty of online gamers have found by now. Reason number one for making use of the mobile friendliness is that you can pick up the game and play almost anywhere. Before you had to have access to a computer in order to be able to play, but now you can walk around with a full-fledged casino in your pocket and play whenever you feel like it. You can also play on your tablet while you sit on your sofa and watch a movie. This convenience is quite liberating and I have found that I also enjoy other types of games that I can play on the tablet for this very reason: portability.

Added bonuses is another factor to consider. In order to get new players to try out this convenient method of playing they will offer free money or some deposit bonuses in order to entice them to play. These are not all that large, but it still is something to consider when you are looking for places to play and bonuses to receive.

Negatives about mobile casinos?

There isn’t simply a move from desktop casinos over to mobile casinos. There are reasons for not playing mobile just yet as it is still in its infancy. The huge factor to consider is obviously the convenience part, but in return there are quite a few downsides.

First of all is the fact that the game selection is usually a lot worse if you choose to venture onto an app. This is because that all of the games needs to be converted to a smaller screen and allow for different functions. The casinos are working hard to improve and add more games as often that they can, but it is still far from the library that is found on the desktop versions.

Another thing is that the games will also feel a little different. I for example find that playing roulette or craps is a little weird at some casinos where the table is very tiny, but blackjack and most slot machines look pretty good and feel smooth. Note that it varies between the casino providers.