New Festive Frenzy Tournament at Crazy Vegas

christmas-holidayWe are nearing the end of November, and it is common knowledge that December comes after this month, which also contains the day we celebrate Christmas. It is a highly anticipated holiday and I am guessing you are already seeing stores and places gearing up for the season. All the decorations are around are red, gold and glittering. The easily recognizable carols are being played on the radio and everyone are (hopefully) in a more joyous mood. For some though the wait and anticipation for the big day is just too much. Although I am not as anxious for the presents anymore, I am looking forward to spending time with the family, eating great food and seeing my nephew opening his presents.

But if you are like me and have trouble waiting for christmas eve to come around you are probably looking for things to keep you occupied until the big day. One instance that is looking to help alleviate this is the Crazy Vegas Casino who have decided to host a slots tournament all through the month of December. That way you can try to do something else during the stress filled month and get some needed time off.

The Festive Frenzy Tournament

You are probably wondering what the prizes are for this tournament, as most should be looking for, then you will be happy to know that there is a massive €125,000 up for grabs during this ride. Of this they will leave €10,000 to the 1st place finisher and the rest split evenly between the top 100 places. Not bad haul for playing some slots during the cold winter months.

As mentioned this tournament will run from 1st of December until 1st of January in 2015. Registrations have already been open for about a week and you can signup whenever you feel ready, even after the tournament have started. There is an entrance fee of €10 to partake in the tournament, which also have the option of rebuys at €20 each and continues at €10.

Santa’s Wild Ride

santas-wild-ride-logoThe tournament is going to be played on the Santa’s Wild Ride slot machine, a video slot that is a favorite for those looking to get in the right mood for the holiday. Although it has the music in the christmas spirit and plenty of references to the Northpole and Santa Claus, it is not the classic Santa you are used to. This one is looking to roll around on his motorcycle and are having his helpers work on it to have it ready for when he needs to deliver presents.

This is a 5 reel slot machine that has a massive 243 paylines to offer. If you are really lucky with your spins you can win the maximum amount of coins that is close to 2 million. There are also wilds that you can get which will net you 25 free spins if you can line them up on the paylines. You can also get plenty of stacks and bonuses to boost your winnings even more.

We like this slot as it is a more funny take on the classic friendly face from the North, but it still has good music that gets you in the proper mood. It is always a good thing if the graphics and sounds are on point as that helps us staying interested for longer, and this is one of those slots that we could play year around (but we still save it for those special occassions :)).

Visit Crazy Vegas Casino now and join the Festive Frenzy!