Pinnacle Sports offers 33% increased casino rebate

pinnacle-sports-casino-rebateOne of the premiere online sportsbooks, Pinnacle Sports, has now stopped focusing on their sports betting and given the casino players some attention. Well, some at least. Because during the upcoming UEFA Champions League games this week you can enjoy an increase in their cashback program. 33% increase to be exact. That is right, for the whole of 21 and 22 of October you will be able to play in their big online casino and get back 0.4% of all that you have wagered. Even if you are a winner you will still get this cashback, so hope for a lucky run!

This promotion is open to both current and new customers, so if you don’t have an account with Pinnacle you can get one right now and enjoy this cash rebate increase and their low betting odds and casino house edge.

Note that all bets in Craps are excluded from the rebate program

How does it work?

The way cash back works is that you simply play and they will give you back 0.3% (for the next two days this will be 0.4%) in your casino rebate account instantly. So all you have to do is play and you will experience that you have a bigger chance of winning than at other places.

You will also notice that Pinnacle Sports have among the lowest house edges on their casino games compared to other online casinos, just like their bookmaking counterpart. They do not focus on fancy promotions, giveaways and other nonsense as they simply want to give the players most value for their deposits. By playing at Pinnacle, both in their casino and betting on sports will leave you with a higher chance of coming out a winner.

Visit Pinnacle Sports now and get your cashback!