Online Casino Reviews

Reviewing online casinos is an important process. You have to take it seriously. If you join the wrong one, your best case scenario might be not having the games you want, or a mobile app. The worst case scenario? The casino might take your money and run off with it.

You don’t want that… do you?

So you need to spend the time upfront to make sure the casinos you sign up to are reputable and safe. It helps if they’re fun to play at, too.

But where do you start looking? What do you look for?

Our reviews are a good starting point. Note that these are only the facts presented, with our opinions mixed in. You should off course do your research as well to make sure you have found the casino that is right for you.

All Our Online Casino Reviews

Here are the things we look at when we write a review for an online casino:

We know our site revolves around casino bonuses, but there is so much more to online casinos than that. As the ski instructor in South Park would say, if you focus only on the bonus, you’re going to have a bad time.


Ok, So What Is More Important Than Bonuses?

This is subjective. First and foremost, though, the casino needs to be safe, trustworthy and fair.

Aside from that, what matters to you?

For me, it comes down to games. I want live dealer blackjack. I want The Dark Knight slots. I want video poker. I want, I want, I want.

Knowing what I want narrows down my choice as to where to play.

So what do you want? Do you want a real money app? Then you should focus on Carbon Casino, Bovada, Bet365 or 888 Casino. Do you want cash back? Then find a casino that offers it.

Look at these things before you worry about the bonus. Most people won’t clear the bonus anyway. And once the bonus is gone, it’s gone. So what will keep you around after that? Answer that and you’ll be one step closer to finding the best casino.

Now Lets Check the Bonus

The next step is to check out the bonus. When I compare casino bonuses I ask myself the following questions:

If you don’t want the bonus, then see if the casino offers free spins or a free cash offer.

Be Weary of Review Portals

This may sound odd coming from us, but when you’re doing your research, you should take what most review portals say with a grain of salt.

The reason being is that review portals exists for two reasons – to inform readers, and to refer them to a casino for a commission.

The problem should be clear; many casino review portals are biased. They will refer you to a casino based on the commission they earn, and not on the merits of the casino. Sometimes the casinos are still ok, but other times they’re flat out scams. And many websites that refer them KNOW THIS.

For that reason you should use reviews as a starting point. Always double check the facts, and when in doubt, try the casino for free (for games and software), or avoid them altogether.

Never, ever, join a casino based on their bonus. Think about this for a second; if you think there’s a chance that they’ll steal your money, what makes you think they’ll actually give you that deposit bonus?

That’s wishful thinking.

Last Thing: Join More Than 1 Casino

My last piece of advice? Join more than 1 casino.

The reason being is that there will always be snakes in the grass, and no matter how much research you do, they’ll pop out of nowhere and bite you in the ass. Then they’ll take your money.

Good companies can go bad, too. You don’t have to look further than the poker industry and Full Tilt to see that.

So join more than 1 casino and split your bankroll amongst them. That way, if something does go wrong, you don’t lose your entire roll.

You can thank me later.